WikiLeaks does humanity a service : Pharyngula

Well, I knew stories like these would come eventually and although I totally disagree with the idea that Assange is a “hero,” I agree with Myers’ assertion that information is useful when it’s unfiltered through mainstream media outlets; all of whom have a vested interest in slanting the news to further their own political agenda. We have the hard left with CNN and MSNBC and the hard right with FOX. Neither one accurately reports the news but merely tries to outdo the other on political point scoring.  Straight information is our friend, but this information also goes into the hands of kooks, nutjobs, and unstable people the world over who will feel it’s their duty to use it to harm innocent people further. The internet is great in getting truth out there, but really where does self-censorship have a part? Where is the judgment and the critical eye toward the consequences of leaking such information? I think nowhere.

WikiLeaks does humanity a service : Pharyngula

UPDATE: Well I’m glad of this at least, but my point still stands.