Women Exempt

I think I could make the case that scripture texts of the triumvirate of Middle Eastern religions; Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are not written to women but exclusively to men. Therefore, women are not bound by their screedal ramblings. In the event that we are addressed, it’s to shore up the marital status of subservience. Why would any woman in her right mind think this is a good thing? And more to the point, what was I thinking? Oh right… “right” mind… 🙂

2 thoughts on “Women Exempt

  1. You are far from alone in this “What was I thinking” feeling. There’s nothing like a big old global solution to all our problems, or a solution that makes all our problems someone else’s fault, to have us all reaching for our brain’s off switch.

    A motley assortment of gangsters and tyrants have won the mindless allegiance of millions, in return for the promise of some magic thing that was going to make everything better, and punish those who had made everything worse.

    From the outside, for a woman to voluntarily sign up to be part of Group B in God’s creation is quite surprising I grant you. But I guess it’s tempting to put up with being a second class citizen for a while, especially if these are the “end times”, in return for the promise of eternal salvation.
    “What was I thinking?”, well you’re thinking now, and it’s good to know. Redemption comes in different forms. Striving for the equality you deserve has to be worth the loss of some certainties, and nothing justifies subservience.

    • Very true, Reg. Better late thinking than never, right? Sometimes it’s easier to let someone else do the thinking for me, but it’s bound to go against my grain.

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