3 thoughts on ““Old and New” Sex

  1. Anyone who’s reading this comment who hasn’t read both articles Mystery draws to our attention, should stop reading this immediately, and go and read them. I mean you might not be in the right mood to read them both consecutively, but I would suggest that, in their different ways, they’re not so much recommendable as compulsory.

  2. The article on God was interesting. I can’t say I completely agree with all of it. I still find the general argument of God being hidden because it would impinge on our free will compelling. The police department analogy was clever, but I found it to be apples and oranges. (But she said some would argue against it. I guess I’m one of “those.”) 🙂

    But then my view of God is not that of any of the faiths she mentions and it is very much NOT like the view of most Christians. 🙂

    I don’t think God has ever revealed itself to us. I think we live in an atheist (without God) world. No divine revelations. No prayers answered. We are in a closed room with no clear glimpse of the “outside.”

    Then again, I could be wrong. I’m certainly not going to preach my views towards others and I’m very much in agreement with her (and other atheists) about the need to expose the dangers of religion and fanaticism.

    Great food for thought. Thanks for pointing to that article. She is now on my feed reader.

    • Hey Kay. Yes, I can’t say I completely agree either, but she makes far more sense than other arguments I’ve heard. I really don’t think we need God to be moral human beings, we just need as much compassion for others as we give ourselves. Unfortunately some people I know don’t have any compassion for either and it makes them bitter human beings who turn into bitter Christians/atheists. Using your analogy, I have learned to exist in the closed room without beating the walls trying to find out what’s on the other side. Now I have to exist as if the room is my universe when no help arrives. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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