“Unless She Can’t Think….”

John Piper and all his ilk explain exactly why women need to steer clear of any male dominated religions:

I need to see videos like these and read articles pertaining to this doctrine to remind me why I no longer adhere to Christianity. Like Anne Rice, author of Vampire Chronicles long before Stephanie Meyer was born, I’ve given up on that religion and really any religion that glorifies a male prophet/God: Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, Baha’i, etc.

Guide: Beth Moore is a prominent bible teacher/expositor in the Baptist tradition. Elizabeth Eliot also.


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  1. Ugh. Not only is he sexist AND a Calvinist, he suffers from Panglossia.

    Whyyyyyy do I want to go into the church again?

  2. Jessica, Well there’s the question. I’m not against getting together with like-minded folk in community however. My fiance Reg is a Quaker and I’ve attended their meeting and found it refreshing. No preachers (at least at this meeting) and no formal ritual, just discerning the Light in everyone. But this dogmatized, rule oriented Christianity where men are thinkers, doers, and pathfinders and women are just … well…good for a couple things.. Never Again!

  3. I apologise for making this point yet again, but I can’t understand why so many otherwise intelligent men just don’t seem to get it.

    So you’re Jesus in the wilderness, and a voice tells you: “you have absolute power, why not use it?” And you tell the voice that this is about love not power, “Get thee behind me Satan” ETC.
    Now you’re a male would-be christian, and a voice says to you “you are inherently superior to half of this community. I will give you power over them; use it”. Does that strike any parallels?

    All religious experience is subjective, which means we have to do our own self policing when it comes to distinguishing between what might be divine inspiration, and what might simply be wishful thinking. So when we seem to be told that the gender to which we happen to belong happens to be entitled to impose its will on the others, would we not pause a moment and wonder if this might not be selfishness in God’s clothing? You would think that there would be at least enough room for doubt to stay the hands of those who wanted to bring in God’s wonderfully male self-serving agenda. But apparently not.

    Those who believe they are inherently superior to Jews, or Jews who believe they are inherently superior to Arabs, are grabbing at the first excuse to do what they want to do, which is to oppress somebody, reap the benefits, and feel “better” “I thank thee lord that I am not as other men”.

    I’m not a Christian theologically, but I would suggest Mystery that your problem with adhering to christianity is that this kind of religion is not Christianity. The primary duty of the christian is to “love one another”. Nothing about power or superiority. “love your neighbour as yourself” (no footnotes about the neighbour’s gender as far as I know).

    If we’re being told that true religion involves vindictiveness and oppression, we’re probably listening to the wrong station. We may enjoy it hugely as long as we’re dishing it out rather than taking it. But let’s not confuse temptation with truth.

  4. Reg, Your suggestion is noted and you are absolutely right about all of it. I think the reason why I keep bringing this up and providing examples of it is the hope that someone who was once where I was, in a fundie church being one of the oppressed, will suddenly see the Light and say to themselves, “My God, that’s me! I’m the oppressor!” Maybe it’s hope against hope. Or maybe I need to do it to keep reminding myself why I gave it up to begin with. Otherwise, I am drawn back in slowly and seemingly inexorably. It’s a good blow to the head for me. You give such great examples which are so obvious, I wonder how I lose sight of that. Indeed, in fundie churches, such as John Piper’s variety, the “neighbor” is always assumed to be male, as are all maxims in the bible.

  5. “The “neighbor” is always assumed to be male, as are all maxims in the bible.”
    Whereas I fervently hope that my nearest neighbour will shortly be you.

    Love and oppression are mutually exclusive. Anyone who claims to oppress in the name of love is definitely listening to the wrong voices.

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