Retreat! Retreat!

I’m not one to find a feminist argument in every little thing, but this just gripes me.  Back in the day, men needed a place to get away from their responsibilities, their jobs, their women, and their children; hence the “bachelor pad.” Or single men needed a place where they could enjoy themselves without all the messiness of female things being around. Women of course had no such places to go because, being women, they always had to be available to their men and their children and their husband’s houses. Hey, where do you think the term “housewife” comes from? This little “cabin” would be the perfect thing for that modern women (who makes an income in the 6 figures) to get away from everything.


4 thoughts on “Retreat! Retreat!

  1. You are right of course. It does look like a nice place to get away and be alone if you want. Stereotypically it might have a more “manly” feel but no reason to exclude women.

    I’m not sure I’m a fan of that rocking chair. . also I don’t see the cables or router for wifi internet access. 🙂

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