Eat, Pray, Love: Why A Woman Seeking Solo Joy Pisses Everyone Off (via Broadside)

Yes, it would seem that movies women might enjoy fantasizing about are fodder for the gripey, whiney critic. My gripe? That I don’t have the money to do what she did. Like “Under the Tuscan Sun,” who doesn’t want to drop everything and go off to warmer, more tasty climes?

Eat, Pray, Love: Why A Woman Seeking Solo Joy Pisses Everyone Off Image by elycefeliz via Flickr I haven't yet seen the film, but I did read and enjoy the book, a true story of a middle-class white woman who leaves her marriage and wanders the world to find happiness. You'd think she'd killed and eaten a few babies along the way, so vicious are some of the reviews and commentaries. Now the film is out, starring Julia Roberts as author Elizabeth Gilbert, so are the haters. Selfish! Self-indulgent! Whiny! All thi … Read More

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10 thoughts on “Eat, Pray, Love: Why A Woman Seeking Solo Joy Pisses Everyone Off (via Broadside)

  1. Can’t wait to see it. I’ve got a feeling that going to this movie will be my eat, pray, love. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I really enjoyed the book. Lots of good spiritual stuff in it without being preachy you know? I’m not sure about the movie since I’m not a Julia Roberts fan. Good to see you again, Zoe.

  3. I’m also here (hopefully clicking on my name will take you there), just in case you are wondering. Trying two blogs, again. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I really liked this book too. I mean, she’s not selling herself as having all the answers or anything. It’s just the story of how she was able to spend a year of her life, when she was in a bad place, and what she learned. Sheesh. I don’t see what all the big whoop-dee-doo is about.

  5. “Itโ€™s just the story of how she was able to spend a year of her
    life, when she was in a bad place, and what she learned. Sheesh. I donโ€™t see what all the big whoop-dee-doo is about.”

    I think it’s about the irresistible temptation or excuse to be virtuously critical of a woman who is, they think, they hope, more sinful than they. Articles like this can never seem to resist a chance to parade their virtue in public, conveniently forgetting that they can never truly understand someone else’s heart and circumstances. Sure, this kind of condemnatory moralising is preferable to actually stoning someone to death, but it’s still nothing to be proud of.

  6. Reg,
    I think some people not only hated it because she’s a woman who CAN do it, but also because they believe Westerners are capitalizing on Eastern philosophies for our own frivolous enjoyment. However, she seemed to honestly be on a spiritual search. Does that mean we cannot travel and see what we want/need to see? I don’t get it.

  7. You’re right, in that the moral vultures will add all the elements they can to give them more reasons to feel righteously critical of someone they don’t know. The available range of slings and arrows includes the proper conduct of a married woman, their personal take on sin in the eyese of God, plus, as you say, superficiality and dllietantism. The more verbal stones the merrier. It feels so good to have the drop on someone. We remember from school that, as long as we could get the mob to turn on someone else, they wouldn’t pay attention to us.

    Of course her critics, or indeed anyone else, may not relate to what she says, because it’s her experience and her search. Many enquirers, explorers and inventors are initially condemned as insane. Sometimes they are proved to have been so, but we don’t know that, and this woman’s critics shouldn’t pretend to knowledge about her they simply do not have.

  8. Some of the criticisms seem to be that she 1) paints herself in too good a light, and does the same for all the men she is involved with on her trip; they are all good guys, who LOVE her, and no one is a charlatan; 2) it seems disingenuous because she sandwiched the trip to India in between Italy and Bali, and so, the impression is, how important can her spiritual quest be; and 3) it’s too well written – it’s like, the perfection execution of her book contract, and there fore, must be totally full of shite.

    Um…it’s a freakin’ book – it’s her story – and she did not in any way sell it as a way to solve all the crises of the world, ya know?

    I agree with you Reg – too many people looking at this story and thinking, it’s too pat, too nice, and she must be shallow if this is all it took for her to get her life back on track.

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