different for girls v. mars/venus (via Emily Nagoski :: sex nerd ::)

Ahh, I wish Emily Nagoski had been my Biology teacher in school. Things would have worked out so much better. But on second thought, in my small town school, she would have been fired, probably for teaching kids the truth about sex and not in veiled terms or classes labeled “Health Class.”

This summer I read Enlightened Sexism by Susan J Douglas. One of the main things I got from the book is a much clearer understanding of what it is feminist women object to when I insist that sex is different for women than it is for men. What Dr Douglas has taught me is that it's very easy to present dichotemous thinking about the genders. Example: the Ally McBeal episode wherein the title character's former boyfriend points at his crotch and say … Read More

via Emily Nagoski :: sex nerd ::