Wherein I Get My Ass Kicked By a Leopard

Mac OS X Snow Leopard desktop

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What a week at work! I’ve gotten a iMac at work and I need to run Parallels 5 on the OS Snow Leopard to run the Shelby Church Software in which we keep our database of members. For starters I can’t print from the Virtual Machine and the Mac interface at the same time. I have to suspend the VM to use the printer in the Mac interface. I can’t export my Outlook 2007 .pst file into Entourage or Thunderbird. My contacts in .csv and .txt come out wonky because of the headings not matching. Mac Word does not have the font that ALL of my bulletins for work are printed in and downloading one didn’t show up after putting it in the Font Book. My old Dreamweaver is supposed to work in Parallels but doesn’t. It did for awhile and then quit completely.  Now I’d like to find a free or nearly free open source Web design and Ftp software for the Mac or pay about $500 for the Mac equivalent. That’s just the beginning. I’m beginning to regret my decision to get the Mac because if I can’t get it to work, my Luddite co-workers certainly aren’t going to. So today, I got my ass kicked by a Leopard. Anybody out there a Mac/Windows aficionado?