Better to Judge Than Examine Yourself

Anne Rice

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I am amazed, yet not really surprised, at some “true” Christians’ cavalier attitude about judging another person’s faith. We who no longer walk these well trodden and judgmentally offensive paths can’t help but wonder how deluded one must be to think no one else’s path is genuine but their own. How easy it is to know what another person thinks about or what one’s motivation is.  Miguel Guanipa claims to know that Anne Rice’s religion was “fashioned from ignorance,” and has a ““what’s in it for me” mentality.” Sounds like so much sour grapes to me. I can’t help but think that such people are envious of those with the proverbial “balls” to leave behind what these judgmental people are scared to. Fear is a great motivator, especially in religion.


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  1. interpretation— so as I have my own biases and besides tend to read things in a more positive light automatically, mind if I ask a question for clarity sake? I showed your blog post to a friend of mine and I read it as: **this is where I admonish those who judge others about their faith and those that are so judgmental are just lashing out because they refuse to think for themselves.**

    My friend read it as (paraphrased): **this is where I spread a hateful anti-christian message that admonishes people who haven’t left the judgmental religion of christianity by saying they are just too scared to follow in Anne Rice’s footsteps.**–which is basically saying that all Catholics or possibly all Christians are horrible judgmental people.

    I didn’t think you felt that way so I was telling him that was not what you meant and that you were just talking about the particular “bad christians” that this guy was representing.

    Can you clarify which one you meant or if it was something else?

  2. Well, what I meant was, that people who criticize other Christians who go in a different direction than they did, like Guanipa, are actually very common. Over at Deconversion blog (in my blogroll), there are many Christians who decided that Christianity as an organized religion was not for them. When they post about it, like Rice did on her Facebook account, they are often excoriated for not being Christian “enough,” for perhaps not being a Christian at all, for not taking it all seriously, etc. etc. We’ve heard it before so many times, and it gets tiresome to defend one’s faith as actually having been genuine when someone comes along and says it wasn’t. Guanipa just offered more of the same by implying Rice wasn’t serious to begin with. I find that particularly offensive. They have no idea how serious Rice was or is about her faith. They think she was playing on the surface of it and didn’t really give it a try. I can speak for myself when I say I spent over 10 years as a fundamentalist Christian and when I gave that up I too suffered through the “You weren’t really a Christian” blather when I decided never to cross their doorstep again. No, all Catholics are not judgmental. All fundamentalists are not judgmental. Not all Christians are judgmental, but to be so cocksure of someone’s faith journey without asking anything about it is not good form. I know, I’ve been just as judgmental in my life and then some. Takes one to know one, right? There’s a fine line to judge between those things that should be pointed out in public and those things that are plain nobody’s business but their own.

    I hope that answers your question. 🙂

  3. This may be a simplistic observation, but I think someone central to any kind of Christian is quoted (King James Version) as having said:
    “Judge not that ye be not judged”.
    Have I misunderstood what Christ meant? If not, dealing with one’s own shortcomings – the plank in one’s own eye – would seem to be the better course.

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