Church Times – If Jefferts Schori is at meeting, I won’t come, says Primate

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Church Times – If Jefferts Schori is at meeting, I won’t come, says Primate.

First of all, “Primate?” Really? This about describes the good old boy network at work here.  Apparently, Rev. Ernest, Archbishop of the Indian Ocean (how can you be a bishop of an ocean?)  can smell the taint of woman thousands of miles away and refuses to participate in a summit because of the U.S. Presiding Bishop, Jefferts Schori’s attendance. It’s crap like this that convinces me that church hierarchical structures should do us all a favor and come tumbling down before it’s too late to salvage such nonsense.

The party line goes like this: Jesus was a man, therefore his priests can’t be anything but men. How about this? Jesus appointed men as apostles therefore women cannot be apostles? Or how about this? Only 4 women are named in the bible as part of Jesus’ inner circle therefore only 4 women are allowed to be disciples? Or, here’s a good one, Jesus and the disciples were Jewish. Therefore only his priests can be ethnic Jews? Right? Peter had a mother-in-law therefore all priests should have mothers-in-law? Makes sense to me. (Extreme eye-rolling here).

Better yes, how about women boycott all religions that exclude us because Jesus had different genitals? I’ll go first.


4 thoughts on “Church Times – If Jefferts Schori is at meeting, I won’t come, says Primate

  1. There’s nothing so tempting as elevating one’s insecurities to the level of a spiritual principle.

    Now there’s nothing wrong with one gender needing a break from the other once in a while, without being accused of misogyny or misanthropy. Everyone needs a break from just about everything occasionally. But, whether we’re frightened of women, or men, or whether we sometimes fancy the company of our own gender for an hour or so, please let’s not drag the will of God into everything we want to give it legitimacy. Can’t we just stand up and express an honest preference without hiding behind the boss for reassurance.

    Please guys just sod off and form a men only church and give the rest of us some peace.

    • LOL. Yes, that’s the ticket. I’ve always advocated dividing the church by sexes and then maybe we can get the work done that needs to be done. Some things never change.

  2. If being a priest means being an apostle like the ones in the Gospel of Mark, count me out. What a bunch of bozos. Even Jesus gets ticked at them (Mark 8:21).

    PS Love the pic. It’s perfect.

    • Well I expect those fishermen, assuming they were fishermen, were just average bozos like me. The difficulty comes when people start putting on fancy uniforms and claiming to speak with divine authority; particularly when they make this claim because some other guy in a fancy uniform taps them on the head 2000 years later.

      God may move in mysterious ways, but that’s plain ludicrous.

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