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Question: Ghosts. Are they Fact or Fiction?

Like all things in life, ghosts are a little bit of both. I think I’ve seen a ghost, but one cannot be sure unless coming face to face with one. I’ve no doubt that there are supernatural beings who inhabit spirit worlds beyond our comprehension and that sometimes the veil between the worlds is thin. However, it would take a full on apparition for me to believe in it 100%. Kind of like the existence of aliens from another planet. Seeing is believing. Unless, of course, you simply have “faith” that ghosts exist. That’s another matter entirely.

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4 thoughts on “Ghost Encounters

  1. Great post topic. From my personal experiences I would have to say that I am a believer, although I have no concrete proof or evidence. I think that belief in the supernatural is similar to belief in other non-materialistic adventures in life, such as love and the ability to trust someone. You can’t see someone’s loyalty but you believe it to be there.

    • I like that you called them “non-materialistic adventures.” this will make the materialists among us howl, but it’s a good description of all things numinous that we can’t completely explain.

  2. Question: Ghosts. Are they Fact or Fiction?
    “Like all things in life, ghosts are a little bit of both.”

    Even if %99 of psychic phenomina or %99 of UFO sightings could conclusively be proved to be illusions or hoaxes, this wouldn’t determine the non-existence of ghosts or extra-terrestrial visitors Per Se.

    It requires considerable arrogance to assert that what I cannot prove to exists therefore does not exist. Suppose that I, as a totally blind person, were to assert that anything I couldn’t see didn’t exist. That would be rightly dismissed as completely ridiculous.

    As humans, we can talk only in terms of probabilities, not certainties.

    As for those “adventures”, if love feels certain, then it’s up to us to do our best to maximise the odds on the side of the angels – whether or not angels exist.

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