Would You Like a Shot of Whiskey With That Stress?


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Yesterday I told my boss at work that I was leaving my job of nearly ten years next March.  It was a relief to finally say that since nearly everyone knew in the office but him anyway. It was nice to get it off my chest. The stresses in the last 10 years have simply piled up. Some of them are of my own choosing and some of them not. Even good events and joyful events are stress causers. Psychologists have some kind of quiz you can take to measure stress, but I don’t need a quiz. I have a list of the last five years’ worth of stresses which I’m sure doesn’t cover everything, just the highlights:

  1. 1995 to present; moved from Colorado back home to Illinois, diagnosed with chronic hives of no known origin. numerous shots of steroids to bring down swelling of arms, legs, neck, face. Four different antihistamines taken each day to combat it.
  2. 1997: returned to college while my kids were in school.
  3. 2000, 2004, 2005: empty nest of all three children. Off to colleges.
  4. 2000 and 2004; graduated college with a B.A. and an M.A.
  5. 2001: Began new job after many years of housewifery.
  6. 2005: ruptured disk at L7. Microdiscectomy in August; two months recuperation, worked some at home. September: Second son joins the Army. Two loved pets die within a year of each other.
  7. 2007: January, heart catheterization. discovered 99% blocked artery. Stent inserted, endless blood tests monitoring and cardiology visits. Father-in-law passes away, funeral. October of that year, my second son gets married.
  8. 2008: Beloved pet disappears, never found. October: marital separation after 28 years. October: moved out of my house and into  my sister’s place, December: moved out of my sister’s house and into an apartment. Began long distance relationship.
  9. 2009: October: Second son leaves for Iraq. Fall: Husband files divorce papers. Continued long distance relationship.
  10. 2010: March: divorce. April: third move to another place with my daughter and our cat. June, engaged to long distance relationship man. August: first son moves to Hungary. Second son comes back from Iraq. October: Daughter gets in wreck with my car. She’s ok, but the car is totaled. Continued long distance relationship.
  11. Stresses to come: 2010: October: trying to find a used car. December: remarriage. 2011: major move to UK.

All I can say is, thank god for medication! I’ve tried various coping strategies; religion, counseling, finger chewing (childhood habit that has never gone away), talk therapy with friends, co-workers. But really, there’s no cure-all. An anti-depressant has at least helped me get a grip and not go completely bonkers. Wish I discovered those back in 2005!


4 thoughts on “Would You Like a Shot of Whiskey With That Stress?

  1. You have chronic hives too? Me too. Mine don’t show though. So no one knows. Geesh, another similarity we share. Just reading your list made me tired. Don’t bang your head though. You’ve had enough stress. (((Hugs)))

    • Hey Zoe,
      Yes, I do. In fact I’m down to one antihistamine now instead of four and trying to wean off of those. It’s been years. So the other day, one hive popped up on my thigh. Oh dear. Time to go full strength again! Yes, girl, you and me….we’ve been through the wringer!! How are you doing? Email me if it’s too much for the blog!!

  2. I’ll try and send an email soon. I’m here but how many more times does one have to go through the wringer? I’m wrung-out! 😐

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