Guest Post – To The Assholes of the World

Someone emailed me and asked me to post this anonymously. I find the anguish in it pretty awful but it needs to be said anyway.

To The Assholes Of The World

You stalk us, you haunt us.  Sometimes you rape us, other times you hover, ever threatening.  Even if you never touch us, we fear you.  Our co-workers, our ex-boyfriends, the disturbed who are our clients, our patients, our family.

When you do what you do, when you say what you say, when you never speak but your non-verbal cues say it all, remember, you who are men…she is my daughter, she is yours too.  Remember when you behold her eyes, they are your mother’s.  You can’t be here without your mother.  Maybe she hurt you, I don’t know, but your hatred for my daughter, and for the daughters of this universe, of which I am one, strips us of our sensibilities.  You change the course of our lives.  If he touches your daughter one day, if he stalks her and threatens her, you will want to tear him to shreds with your bare hands.  I already hurt.  I already ache.

I am sensitive.  I am weak.  I am strong.   Then I hear and I wonder, how do I live?  How can I keep her alive?  Who will take care of our daughters when they are out of our reach?

Who will take my heartache away?  Who will dry my tears.  You are educated, you have flown undercover, being exposed as I write, but they are even in more danger as your anger pours forth.  And where can they go from your wrath?  They are at the mercy of you, an asshole.  You live off of your sick power as you suck it away from her.

They live in fear, our daughters.  Their mothers quake.  They have feared too.

Those who aren’t assholes.  Be there for your daughters, your mothers, your wives.  Chances are, they’re going to need you.

Ophelia Rose


2 thoughts on “Guest Post – To The Assholes of the World

  1. Ophelia Rose
    “Those who aren’t assholes. Be there for your daughters, your mothers, your wives.”

    It’s for others to say if we are assholes or not, but I promise to try very hard. Nobody should live with fear, pain, or the anger they generate as their dominant sensation. Especially not alone. We all need someone to sooth us when assailed by nightmares, whether real or dreams.

    I hope you find the inner strength and external support we all need, and you deserve.

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