Beam Me Up

Where would you beam yourself?

Star Trek 2009 – new cast collage

Well, the first place I'd teleport myself is to England to be with my fiance/husband. Then to Budapest, Hungary to see my son and search out my long lost father. Teleportation would be great and I could avoid air travel which scares me and makes me sick sometimes.

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3 thoughts on “Beam Me Up

  1. I’d grab my nearest and dearest, and beam us up to the orbitting Inter-galactic Explorer, preparing to head out in search of pastures new.

    The terrorists, the TSA and its international hangers-on seem intent on screwing up this world for the rest of us. Shouldn’t I stay and fight? Fight for what? A world in which my future wife when travelling by air is given a choice between a naked body scan and being felt up by an agent? No wonder air travel makes her feel sick. That just isn’t the kind of world I want to live in. “Beam me up.”

  2. ahh my sweet. sounds lovely to me. My knight coming to my rescue. big hug for that. (smile) But yes, this idea of full body scans sounds quite intimidating and I’m sure everyone should think about which course they will take if confronted with it. The best solution is to take that power out of the government’s hands, aka teleportation. Don’t ya’ love science fiction?

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