On Being in the Spotlight

On stage

medieval and tudor drama

I have been onstage. During a college course in Medieval Drama, we put on some "mystery" plays, meaning medieval sacred drama. I played Titivillus the devil in the morality play Mankynde. I played a soldier in "The York Crucifixion." I also played a Virgin martyr in a play by an abbess named Hrotswitha. All of them were excruciating to me because I'm terrified of public speaking or putting myself out there in person. I don't mind blogging or reading from a script, but to memorize and act threw me into terror time. I'll never do it again.

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2 thoughts on “On Being in the Spotlight

  1. There seems to be no simple direct relationship between our self esteem and our preparedness to put ourselves out there. My own self esteem is not particularly high, and yet I do public performance for a living. I think the precise areas of self exposure which terrify us are probably grounded in whatever it is that generates phobias.

    someone’s fear of doing something isn’t necessarily linked to their ability to do it. We’ve all met or heard of gifted actors and musicians, completely disabled by stage fright. And reality TV has shown us all too clearly that self belief is no guarantee of talent.

    We just have to hope that our abilities and our phobic areas don’t cancell each other out.

  2. good point. people full of themselves love to mug it for the cameras. However, having low self esteem doesn’t always equal talent either. I’m sure I wasn’t exuding a fine Shakesperean personal as Titivillus!

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