Bye, Bye Books and Things

ARGHHHH! They’ve come and taken my books and things away! The movers have come and gone and very efficient they were. It makes me wonder why oh why I’ve never hired movers before. They came in, packed, wrapped, loaded, taped, labelled, and hauled my boxes away in about 2 and a 1/2 hours! Wow. Painless for me. This is what it must be like to have money all the time; to not worry about what things cost. You can simply hire someone to do anything. I’d never know the feeling if I hadn’t sold my house first and had the cash. When I think of all the backaches avoided hauling all those books. And I got rid of boxes and boxes of books ahead of time! I made sure I kept out my books to read (Mystical Paths by Susan Howatch, and a Stephen King tome big enough to make me go over the luggage weight limit at the airport). I just hope now, that I haven’t packed up something crucial, ’cause I won’t see it again for several weeks. Now, where did I put the camera? oh dear…

Subnote: When Zemanta suggests images for this post, why in the world did they show me photos of scrotal sacs and syphilis before I wrote this line? Where are those referenced in my post above? good grief!