Times Are Different

Yesterday, in my anger I posted about the leaks of government documents. Ordinarily I would not care what documents are leaked, but in a time of war, even if it’s an unjust war or even if unwarranted, you do not do this sort of thing DURING it. Rules are different during wartime. Everyone knows that whether they agree with it or not. While we may not have the power to stop what our governments do, we do have the responsibility not to put our people in harm’s way by our actions, whether the documents are “true” or not. Of course some may have different opinions and may believe their consciences are clear in that regard. But mine wouldn’t be. No matter how much you hate the war, why would you endanger soldier’s lives even more than they already are? To prove a political point?  Even though our governments are fighting and using innocent people to further their own political points, doing what we can to minimize harm on all sides is a more practical thing to do.