The Pastor, the Older Man, the Lion, and the Dog

Ok, I had a WEIRD dream last night and need all your skills at dream interpretation.

I dreamed I was at someone’s house. There were people of all ages there, none of whom I knew. I don’t know whose house it was, but I was there watching TV, having a party, or a combination of both. There were people laughing and sat on couches with large pillows and even some sat on the floor like a slumber party. Of all the weird things to remember, I remember the Weather Channel was on TV all the time. I also remember feeling safe there, as if I belonged there and I didn’t want to leave. Not sure of why we are there, I am surprised when my old pastor walks in. This woman and I have a not-to-friendly rivalry and she was the main reason I left the church. I am shocked and surprised that she showed up but I am friendly enough and she seems delighted to see me. She makes some friendly comments and even compliments me, I think.

And in the weird way dreams can shift for no reason, I remember being next to an older man. In my dreams, I always dream of men without faces. I rarely dream of men I know personally, only those I’ve never met or whom I haven’t seen in a very, very long time. In fact, I never see above these men’s shoulders, so that the only way I know who they are is HOW I sense them in the dream. Anyway, I sense an older man next to me. He is protective and loving, and there is an implication of flirting and sexuality on both our parts. It is sudden and immediate and I do not want to wake from this dream. I feel safe and loved and comforted and excited to be in this man’s presence. I don’t know who he is or what he is doing there but we are inseperable.

Again, my dream shifts and I see a lion chasing a dog in a forest and the lion is playing with the dog as a larger animal would with a smaller one. It is no match of course, but the dog does not seem afraid and neither do I. It all seems playful at first. The dog is a beautiful German Shepherd type dog or a Siberian Huskie. It has a fluffy tail. I only mention this detail because faster than you can read this, in the dream the lion opened its mouth and devoured the dog up to its lower haunches. All I could see were the dog’s hind feet and his tail sticking out of the lion’s mouth! The lion then sat there and faced me with the dog’s feet and tail hanging out of its mouth. And then I woke up.

I swear I had no alcohol the night before! 🙂