Times Are Different

Yesterday, in my anger I posted about the leaks of government documents. Ordinarily I would not care what documents are leaked, but in a time of war, even if it’s an unjust war or even if unwarranted, you do not do this sort of thing DURING it. Rules are different during wartime. Everyone knows that whether they agree with it or not. While we may not have the power to stop what our governments do, we do have the responsibility not to put our people in harm’s way by our actions, whether the documents are “true” or not. Of course some may have different opinions and may believe their consciences are clear in that regard. But mine wouldn’t be. No matter how much you hate the war, why would you endanger soldier’s lives even more than they already are? To prove a political point?  Even though our governments are fighting and using innocent people to further their own political points, doing what we can to minimize harm on all sides is a more practical thing to do.


Story of the Week: WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange Releases Afghanistan War Logs « The Confluence

I have extremely mixed emotions about the news that a Swedish hacker put all of our troops and our government at risk by releasing documents related to the war in Afghanistan. As the mother of a U.S. military person, I am at first appalled that this is allowed to happen without war crimes charges brought against Julian Assange. I believe in freedom of information, but this is taking it too far. By publishing these pages, our nation is at risk by those who look for any weakness in strength and gives fodder to those who will do anything to undermine government, even if it is their own. I call that the ultimate in cowardice. Hiding behind a computer while those in danger fight. Sure it’s not your war, sure you hate the American government and wish it ill by any means necessary, but you don’t have to further the harm that will be done to troops trying to do their duty by revealing such knowledge to the enemy.  It’s a sickening prospect. There are other ways to expose the government for what it is. This is definitely not the way.

Story of the Week: WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange Releases Afghanistan War Logs « The Confluence