I’ve Said All I Can

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I think that I’ve said about all I can at this blog. I’ve loved it for a long while now, but it doesn’t really suit my needs any longer. I started this blog to continue writing while studying for my Master’s degree and beyond. At the time, I did not want to give up writing and I felt I had interesting things to say.  College work is nothing but writing and I worried I would fall out of the habit of it. It filled a need at a hard time in my dying marriage and in my life in a small town in the Midwest. Changes were afoot. For these and other reasons, it felt like a huge outlet. And it was. I felt that I wrote some pretty good posts; ones that I’m very proud of. I processed my move away from church. I agonized over religion, politics, and other “isms” that no longer interest me as much in light of more current life events. Oddly, I’m also proud of book, movie and television reviews I’ve written because in a way they are like mini essays I would have written for college. I enjoyed that. But it’s time to hang this blog on the clothesline of life and move along. It no longer feels like “me” to me and it’s associated too much with things I’m done with. I no longer feel I have anything of value to contribute to it and really it’s time to close this chapter of my life and encourage others to move along as well…nothing to see here folks (LOL). Mystery of Iniquity served its purpose. Right now, keeping up with family and friends on Facebook seems to take up all of my time. So, I thank you all for reading or having read my blog. Blessings on your journeys.

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What's Worth Waiting in Long Lines

What would I stand in long lines for?

[326/365] Lottery Money

1. The payout to your winning lottery ticket

2. Your food rations after a disaster

3. Your marriage license at the County building

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Later, Dudes!

I’m leaving the country tonight. Flight out of hometown at 6:15 p.m. The next voice you hear will be UK based. Bon Voyage!

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Conservatism and the The Decider

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The way to understand the conservative moral system is to consider a strict father family. The father is The Decider, the ultimate moral authority in the family. His authority must not be challenged. His job is to protect the family, to support the family (by winning competitions in the marketplace), and to teach his kids right from wrong by disciplining them physically when they do wrong. The use of force is necessary and required. Only then will children develop the internal discipline to become moral beings. And only with such discipline will they be able to prosper. And what of people who are not prosperous? They don’t have discipline, and without discipline they cannot be moral, so they deserve their poverty. The good people are hence the prosperous people. Helping others takes away their discipline, and hence makes them both unable to prosper on their own and function morally.

Anyone who doesn’t think religion plays a role in politics should read this. All political ideologies stem from religious ideologies. Hence conservatism is the conflation of Daddy God with the market system. Daddy is the breadwinner just as God is, so anything hindering the market system (i.e. capitalism) is a violation of the family hierarchy.  Anything threatening that hierarchy: women’s and children’s rights, government regulation, etc. is verboten. What I have a hard time doing is keeping my individual stance on politics away from conservative frameworks. My stance on abortion, for instance, doesn’t square with either conservative or liberal stances on it.  Therefore, the argument for what I believe is not represented by any political party or any religious system.

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My Favorite Place to Drive

The Bamboo Forest Trail

I don't like driving, so I don't have a favorite place. In fact, driving long distances makes me sleepy–not good when you are the one doing the driving! If I only had a car to take me places, I would choose to drive through a forest with frequent stops and exploration of trails.

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